Review Policy

First and foremost, most of our reviews are done using copies granted to us, ahead of release, by the game’s Publisher. This is in an effort to give our thoughts on the game beforehand, so you know whether you should buy it or not.

Twinfinite’s review staff promises to offer a 100% unbiased look at the game, in spite of this.

How We Review Games

Twinfinite makes use of a 10-point scale, where we score games from 1 to 5, with the usage of half-points when necessary.

When we review a game, we often play it to completion before forming an opinion on it. In some special cases (open-ended games, MMOs, etc.), we play as much of it as we can until we feel we’ve reached a point where we’re able to pen an informed review of the game.

After a review is finished, the assigned reviewer submits it through an editing process where our Senior Editors will look it over and discuss whether the score given is an appropriate reflection of the text.

Our goal is to provide a thorough and logical breakdown that goes through all that a game has to offer, its strengths and shortcomings, and whether it is ultimately worth your time to play through.

100% objectiveness is impossible in any review, but we hope to offer a critical analysis, complete with scores that properly reflect its quality.

Review Score Breakdown

5 (Exemplary): A game that represents the best of what its genre and video games as a whole have to offer. Not necessarily a “perfect” game, but is a standout effort that will be remembered for years to come.

4 (Great): A game that is fun and easy to recommend. May not be an all-time classic, but if you’re someone that enjoys this game’s genre, or are a fan of the series it’s a part of, you will be very pleased with its effort.

3 (Fair): Distinguished as an effort and may have some great ideas, but its shortcomings are noticeable, making it difficult to recommend to people outside of its target audience.

2 (Poor): Functional on a basic level, but suffers from either uninspiring design, persistent technical issues, and/or is just run-of-the-mill and boring.

1 (Bad): Straight up terrible due to being broken, offensive, unplayable, not fun, or all of the above.

For more information or review inquiries, contact our Reviews Editor.

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