How Long Would You Survive in Fallout? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

Can you survive the nuclear fallout?

We would all like to think we could hold our own in a post-apocalyptic world but is this really true? Do you have the right skills and smarts to get you through the toughest of times? Find out below how long you would survive in Fallout! Take our quiz to find out if you are an apocalypse aficionado or dead in a day.

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Fallout Survivor Quiz

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How long will it take for you to succumb to the deadly creatures, irradiated environment, and violent factions that plague the world of Fallout? Do you have what it takes to survive this harsh and unforgiving world? Answer each of the quiz questions below to see how long we think you would survive in Fallout.

How Long Would You Survive in Fallout?

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You wake up in the vault with no memory of what has happened. What is the first thing you do?
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You are wandering the wasteland and you have run out of water. What do you do?
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You see something moving in the undergrowth. What do you do?
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You come across another survivor on your travels. What do you do?
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What is the one luxury item you cannot do without when trying to survive in the wasteland?
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Other than Dogmeat, what companion would you bring with you?
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Which faction do you feel most drawn to?
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What is most important:
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You only have a few Caps to spend. Which merchant will you buy from?
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Choose one wasteland creature to be your pet
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A big furry rat approaches. What do you do?
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Which of these stats will you probably max out fastest?
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Near which of these areas will you build your settlement?
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Which of these skills can you bring to the wasteland?
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Choose a consumable

Are you surprised by the answer or would you like to try the quiz again and see if you can survive in Fallout for longer? Click Play Again and change up some of your answers to see if you can do better!

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