GTA VI Takes Us Back to Vice City, Releasing in 2025

Back to Miami!
grand theft auto vi

After a long wait, it’s finally official. Rockstar has just dropped the first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI, and the rumors are true. The game will be set in Vice City — a fictional version of Miami, USA — and will feature a new female protagonist.

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You can check out the trailer for yourself down below:

The trailer doesn’t give us all that much to go on, aside from a short introduction to our new protagonist Lucia, whom we first see in jail. When asked if she knows why she’s there, she simply responds with, “Bad luck, I guess.”

And of course, the trailer is then capped off with a beautiful montage of Vice City and all the crazy antics players will likely be able to get up to in GTA VI. We’ve got crocs walking into convenience stores, cars donut-ing on roads, and trawls through the swamps of Florida. We also get a glimpse of the second dual protagonist, who will join Lucia on her shenanigans in GTA VI.

The trailer ends off with them robbing a store together, and if GTA V is anything to go by, we should hopefully be able to swap between both characters at will, whenever we want.

GTA VI is set to be released in 2025.

Zhiqing Wan
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