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You Have Been Disconnected From Call of Duty Servers Error Fix

Call of Duty = server issues.

Did you know that the most recurring character in the CoD franchise isn’t Captain Price, but is instead a member of the British royalty, Sir Verr Issues? Jokes aside, the one error that has been plaguing us the most recently is the “You have been disconnected from Call of Duty servers,” but fortunately, there are ways to fix it. Let’s look at a couple.

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How to Fix You Have Been Disconnected From Call of Duty Servers Issue

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The most reliable way to fix the “You have been disconnected from Call of Duty servers” error is to use a VPN. If you have one, great, and if you don’t, there are several free options you can try out. The one that seems to be the most popular out of those is the Urban VPN.

What if the Issue Is Still There With the VPN?

If VPN didn’t solve this issue for you, there are three more things you should try:

  • Restart your PC/console
  • Change DNS settings
  • Reinstall Call of Duty

First, restarting your PC/console is the most obvious and, by far, the fastest fix you can try. However, more often than not, restarting your machine will have absolutely no effect. Therefore, you might as well skip to the next step.

The second thing you should try is changing your DNS settings. Google actually has a guide on how to do that, and their public DNS servers are one of the most reliable out there. Also, if you are on a console, NordVPN has a nice guide on how to change DNS.

The last thing you can try is to reinstall Call of Duty or check the game files’ integrity on PC, at least. This hasn’t helped me solve the issue, but it might work for you. I would leave it as a last resort, though, as it will keep you out of the game for the longest.

Well, the last thing you should consider is that MW3 or Warzone are simply having server issues or that something’s up with your internet connection. I recommend you take a speed test, and if the results look bad, contact your ISP first. Otherwise, a quick look at the CoD Downdetector page could also be useful.

That wraps up all the info we have on how to fix the “You have been disconnected from the Call of Duty server” error. For more MW3 and Warzone guides, check out the Call of Duty category on our website.

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