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Warzone Mobile Launch FAQ – Release Time, Install Size, Preload Details, & More

Time to return to Verdansk!

If you simply can’t wait for the latest handheld Call of Duty game to release, our Warzone Mobile launch FAQ is exactly what you need. We’ll go over all the key details you need to know prior to its release, ensuring you’re totally ready to drop back into Verdansk on the go.

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Warzone Mobile Release Time Countdown

Warzone Mobile releases on March 21, 2024. No specific release time has been confirmed yet, but we estimate the servers will go live at midnight EST on that day. Check the countdown timer below to see how long there is left to wait:

Warzone Mobile is out now!

Can I Preload Warzone Mobile?

Right now, it doesn’t look like you can preload Warzone Mobile to your device. If you search for it on the App Store, all you can do is pre-register for it to automatically download to your mobile on release day.

As such, while you can’t directly preload the game, you can pre-order it so it’s ready to play the instant the store listings go live.

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How to Get Warzone Mobile Early Access

If you’re hoping for early access to Warzone Mobile, you’re way too late. The game went through an extensive period of stress testing in late 2023, giving players a chance to sample it early and the devs the ability to iron out any bugs or server problems. Since the CBT ended last year, the game has been inaccessible to everyone.

With only a few days left until the overall release, we won’t get any more early access periods for Warzone Mobile.

Warzone Mobile Download Size

At the time of writing, the Warzone Mobile download size is listed as 3.93 GB on the Apple App Store. However, we anticipate this will rise once the game launches.

On top of that, you’ll likely need to install an in-game texture pack once it drops. A lot of mobile games reduce their initial install size by having additional download packs once you boot into it. Given Warzone Mobile is aiming for console-quality graphics and sprawling 120-player lobbies, it’s bound to follow that route.

Is Warzone Mobile Free to Play?

Good news: Warzone Mobile is completely free to play. Just like the console and PC versions of Warzone, you can download and dive into battle royale matches without spending a penny.

Of course, there are the usual in-app purchases reminiscent of the base game, too. You can spend CoD Points on a battle pass to unlock weapon schematics, camos, and other cosmetic items. There are also bundles in the Store tab to purchase operator skins, weapon bundles, and more. These don’t make Warzone Mobile a pay-to-win game per se. But, there’s a lot of content locked behind a paywall if you want to see everything.

Players dropping into a Warzone Mobile match while being shot at.
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Warzone Mobile Map Details

Warzone Mobile has two different battle royale maps to play on. Both will be familiar to those who played early Warzone back in 2020 and 2021.

For the core battle royale mode with 120 players, we’re heading back to Verdansk. The beloved Kastovian city returns with all the POIs you’ll remember, from the Prison in the corner of the map to the Superstore. As before, if you die you’re sent to the gulag for a 1v1 against another player to see who gets to come back.

If you’re diving into the Resurgence version of battle royale, you’ll head back to Rebirth Island. It’s a much smaller map with fewer hiding places, practically guaranteeing you’re always in the line of fire.

Does My Warzone Mobile Carry Over to Console?

The biggest surprise of all is that Warzone Mobile is fully integrated with the console and PC versions of Warzone. Once you’ve signed in with your Activision ID, all the progression syncs up across your devices. This means all level and weapon XP will appear on both versions of the game, as well as most cosmetic items and operator skins you’ve unlocked.

If you’re away from your main system for a while but still want to level up in Call of Duty, Warzone Mobile provides the perfect solution.

That’s everything you need to know about Warzone Mobile prior to its release! For more, check out our Rise of the Ronin launch FAQ. We’ve also got a Legend of Mushroom tier list and Infinite Craft combinations list.

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