How to Get Melee Backstab Kills in MW3
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How to Get Melee Backstab Kills in MW3

For those moments when you want it to feel personal.

It’s no secret that to win in Call of Duty, you have to use every technique available to you, including the sneaky ones. Sometimes, the best ways to eliminate enemies are ones where you don’t even fire a shot. Here’s the full rundown on getting melee backstab kills in Modern Warfare 3.

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Modern Warfare 3 Melee Backstab Kills Explained

Positioning is the biggest trouble when going for these, as you’ll need to be square up behind someone before hitting the melee button to begin the animation. This means you obviously can’t set up the backstab if you’re running straight up into the enemies. Instead, you’ll want to hug the edge of the map to come up behind their spawn or the objective you know is occupied. Large domination games will be a good place to practice these, especially with how everyone spreads out.

The best people to focus on for these are snipers, as they aren’t often able to keep an eye on anything coming up from behind. As long as you watch out for traps, they should be your primary target for getting these done.

Warzone isn’t quite the right mode for backstab kills, as you have to be very lucky and quiet to sneak up on someone up close in that mode.

Play Infected

If you need to get backstab kills for a challenge, then the best advice is to play the Infected game mode. Considering the quickly overwhelming force of the infected versus the players with guns, it gives you plenty of opportunities to kill from behind. If you’re lucky, you should be able to get more than one this way, and then keep playing the mode until you’re finished up.

Hopefully, this will get you all the melee backstab kills you need in MW3. If there are any other challenges or kill methods you need help with, please ask us in the comments.

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