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Astra: Knights of Veda Tier List (May 2024)

When pull chances are this low, you can't afford bad characters early on.

If you’ve read all the reviews or tried rolling the gacha yourself, you know that the rates in this game are absolute garbage. Each roll counts, and you don’t want to spend them on bottom-tier knights and weapons, now do you? So, to help you with that, here is the definitive Astra: Knights of Veda tier list.

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Astra: Knights of Veda Knights Tier List

First, before we do the weapons, let’s take a look at the tier list of all characters in Astra: Knights of Veda. There are currently two rarities of them: 4★ (purple) and 5 (golden). Their ranking is mainly influenced by how hard they are to get and how much you get in return for investing in them. You can see the tier list in the table below, and further down are explanations for each character’s ranking.

Knights Tier List

SAurora, Edward, Eliyar, Saeya, Sansar
AArin, Capecchi, Ellen (New), Sarka, Xanthia
BAlbert, Andrei, Liam, Lucian, Nayan, Valeno
CAtterisee, Ardor, Marthel, Rani
DLeon, Orlic, Yanko
Astra: Knights of Veda character tier list updated as of 5/16/2024

Knights Summary

S Tier

  • Aurora (5★): The strongest light DPS, and she gets massive bonuses on Fate 1, including more stacks and a longer duration of Retribution. If you can get her exclusive bow, too, that would make her even stronger.
  • Edward (5★): I ranked him lower initially, but he really deserves the S tier. His weapon is good, and he is by far the best pure DPS in the game. If you want to clear content easily, destroy in PvP, and see those massive damage numbers, get him.
  • Eliyar (5★): Her traps are extremely useful, and the DoT is very nice to have. I’ve got to test her more recently, and I’ve gotta say I’m impressed. One of the few characters you’d want to reroll for in Astra: Knights of Veda.
  • Saeya (5★): A single copy of her can literally carry you through the game. She is self-sufficient, much like Nayan, but with much better numbers on her skills.
  • Sansar (5★): Sansar is, in my opinion, the second-best melee DPS in Astra: Knights of Veda. Insane crit on her attacks, plus the Fate 6 bonus is just ridiculous. However, she doesn’t have that much self-sustain, but if you can dodge, you won’t even need it.

A Tier

  • Arin (5★): I love how she works, and she is by far the coolest-looking knight in the game. Still, Sansar and Edward out-damage her as a melee.
  • Capecchi (4★): Best DoT of all 4 knights. He isn’t as great on 0 Fates, though, and you’ll need a bunch of dupes to really get him rolling. However, once you do, he’ll be a menace.
  • Ellen (5★): Don’t let Ellen’s skills and Fate descriptions fool you. For exact skill descriptions, check the official Astra Discord. He excels at dealing with packs of enemies, but when it comes to bosses, he is pretty meh. Plus, you’ll need him at least at F2 for him to even become remotely useful.
  • Elias (4★): This guy is really strong, but the fact that he is on the limited banner with Aurora is disappointing. His best bonus is on F6, too, so you’ll need to invest a lot to get him to work really well.
  • Sarka (5★): I used him more recently, just like Eliyar, and he is extremely good. However, I think that Eliyar is just a slightly bit better option.
  • Xanthia (5★): Her signature skill is simply OP. You can just switch to her, pop the Event Horizon, and switch back to anything you were using until then. She is just overall solid, even if you want to use her as your main character.

B Tier

  • Albert (5★): Best full-tank knight in the game. This guy is ultra hard to kill, even if he has no self-heals. However, because of that, he isn’t really a character that can solo carry you.
  • Andrei (4★): A better version of Liam, but with fire instead of dark. He has a lot of AoE in his kit, and the stun he gets from the passive at Fate 4 is much more useful.
  • Liam (4★): Pure dark DMG DPS character with very little utility in his kit. I’ve got to test him out more now, and he sure delivers as far as damage goes. Use him as your main DPS until you get a 5.
  • Lucian (4★): The only 4 healer and the best one you’ll get early on. Plus, you can get him guaranteed from the first 10-pull on his banner. Overall, a good investment.
  • Nayan (4★): She is a self-healing tank that can solo most content. If you want to just dump everything into a single character and autofight through the early game, she is the way to go. Consider her a mini Saeya and the only self-sufficient character besides her on this Astra: Knights of Veda tier list.
  • Valeno (5★): She is better than Atterisee, that’s for sure. However, the DoT damage can’t crit and ticks too slow, so any of the raw DPSs outdamage her.

C Tier

  • Atterisee (5★): I like Capecchi more than I like her. She has strong AoE and debuffs, but considering that there are better 5 options, I can’t really justify investing in her over the others.
  • Ardor (4★): A more DPS-oriented version of Yanko but still subpar compared to the others.
  • Marthel (4★): This guy is amazing against water enemies, but his best trait is also on Fate 4. If he was better out of the box, he would’ve ranked higher.
  • Rani (4★): She is good at peeling for herself, and she would rank easily in A tier if her best upgrades were easier to get.

D Tier

  • Leon (4★): You get this guy for free for a reason. He is a tank and he isn’t even that good at that.
  • Orlik (4★): He is a better tank than Leon, for sure, but besides that, he doesn’t have much to offer. The airborne in his kit only gets good at Fate 4, and they even nerfed that recently.
  • Yanko (4★): His turrets and skills look fine on paper, but in reality, he is just an Ardor you ordered from Wish. Don’t bother with this guy unless he is the only DPS you have.

Astra: Knights of Veda Weapons Tier List

Weapons in Astra: Knights of Veda are spread into different categories, and each character can equip only one type of weapon. These don’t have any special attacks or anything but extra stats and a specific passive.

Also, there are five rarities of weapons, and if a certain weapon is hard to get yet has a mediocre passive, it will be ranked lower. I haven’t included explanations for each one, as all their passives are fairly simple. So, with all of the above in mind, here is the full Astra: Knights of Veda weapons tier list.

Weapons Tier List

S++Godess’s Roar, Apecatina, True Mission, Eye, Sword of Hagen, Rapier, Red Moon, Planetary Tuner
S+Blue Waves, Curse, Double-sided Power, Freezing Prospect, Iron Splint, Light-speed Bow, Solar Sword, Wave of Life (New)
SBlade Shredder, Conflagration, Globe of Magic, Household, Roar of Sacrifice, Sword of Unir, Noble Will
AGrudge, Guillotine of Bachram (New), Kisomalos, Sacrifice, Obsidian Dagger, Tragedy
BDeath Cry, Fantasy of Power, Fullness, Protection of Grey, Large Bow, Steed, Storm, Tusk
CAvelin’s Bow, Blasphemy, Craftsman’s Sword, Heat Wave, Hunter’s Bow, Toxic Carrier, Wolf’s Fate
DAntler, Condemnation, Conqueror’s Wings, Lion’s Fist, Sasha’s Peace, Tears
F(odder)All 1★ and 2★ weapons, 3★ and 4★ weapons that aren’t listed above
Astra: Knights of Veda weapon tier list updated as of 5/16/2024

Note that I’ve included only partial names for weapons that have unique ones. If I included all that fluff, the list would be even harder to read. Also, weapon strength is still hard to gauge because not many, including me, have managed to test them out all. So, don’t dump all your rolls into them yet. They are an end-game min-max anyway.

That does it for our Astra: Knights of Veda tier list. Hopefully, now you can invest your crystals and starstones into some proper knights and weapons. Also, if this guide was helpful and you want to see tier lists for other gachas, we have plenty more here on Twinfinite, including ones for Solo Leveling Arise, AFK Journey, and Monster Never Cry.

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