All Ro-Ghoul Codes in Roblox (May 2024)

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Updated: May 25, 2024

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Roblox is a veritable goldmine for weird and wonderful experiences, and Ro-Ghoul is no different. Inspired by the popular manga series Tokyo Ghoul, the open-world action-adventure title is making a lot of waves right now. For those who’ve arrived here, though, chances are you’re wondering: What are all the Ro-Ghoul codes in Roblox? Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. So, without further ado, let’s dive in, shall we?

All Working Ro-Ghoul Codes in Roblox

  • !Code trainerbrainrot – 1,000,000 RC and 10,000,000 yen (New)
  • !Code ReCode! – 10 Levels or 30 Color Credits (New servers only) (New)
  • !Code ANNIVERSARY-6 – 6,000,000 RC, 60,000,000 yen, and 60 Color Credits (New)
  • !Code Gullible – Free rewards (New)
  • !Code Ribbon – Free Rewards
  • !Code XMAS23 – Free rewards
  • !Code Hallow23 – 1,000,000 RC and 500,000 yen
  • !Code ANNIVERSARY-5 – 4,000,000 RC & 4,000,000 yen
  • !TrafMask – One traf mask
  • !RoballMask – A mask
  • !Code Sub2ibemaine – 50,000 yen
  • !Code Sub2OrdinaryPotato – 50,000 yen
  • !Code Sub2Praveen – 50,000 yen
  • !Code Sub2Roball – 50,000 yen
  • !Code Sub2Sagee4 – 50,000 yen
  • !Code Sub2xAomSakarin – 50,000 yen
  • !Code Sub2Sky1Ms – 50,000 yen
  • !Code 500MV – 500,000 RC & 500,000 yen
  • !Code 1M FAVS – 1,00,000 RC and 1,00,000 yen
  • !Code Sub2Axiore – 50,000 yen
  • !Code Sub2EDITTY – 50,000 yen
  • !Code Sub2GoldenOwl – 50,000 yen
  • !Code Sub22KMz – 50,000 yen

All Expired Ro-Ghoul Codes in Roblox

  • !Code ANNIVERSARY-4 – 4,000,000 RC and 4,000,000 yen
  • !Code ANNIVERSARY-2 – 2,020,000 RC & 2,020,000 Yen.
  • !Roziku – Change your hair color to green.
  • !Code HNY2020 – 500,000 RC & 500,000 Yen.
  • !TrafMask – Traf Mask.
  • !ibemask – Mask
  • !Code Sub2Tokiitou – 50,000 Yen.
  • !Code 300MV – 50,000 Yen.
  • !Code FollowGODisPP – 50,000 Yen.

How to Redeem Ro-Ghoul Codes

Redeeming codes in Ro-Ghoul is slightly different than the usual process. That said, simply follow the steps below:

  • Boot up Ro-Ghoul in Roblox.
  • Next, tap on the chat bubble icon in the top-left (as highlighted in the image below).
  • Type in the code exactly as it appears on the list above.
  • Press enter and enjoy your new freebies. You’re most welcome!
all Ro Ghoul codes
Image Source: The Roblox Corporation via Twinfinite

So, there you have it. We hope this helped to clue you in on what are all the Ro-Ghoul codes in Roblox? For more, here’s a list of all Adopt Me pet trade valuesall Edward the Man-Eating Train codesall Fruits Battlegrounds codesall My Hero Mania codes, all Anime Adventures codes, and how to get all the markers in Find the Markers.

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