Image Source: Scopely
Image Source: Scopely

All MONOPOLY GO! Winter Wonderland Rewards, Listed

Be sure to check all these holiday prizes off your board!

Just in time for the holidays, an exciting new limited-time event for Monopoly GO called Winter Wonderland has dropped today, with a snowfall of new rewards for players to collect. As you play the board, get ready to shovel up plenty of dice, Peg-E tokens and more.

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If you’re wondering what all to expect, here is our handy guide to all Monopoly GO! Winter Wonderland Rewards, listed.

What Is the Winter Wonderland Event in Monopoly GO & How Long Does It Last?

Monopoly GO what is the Winter Wonderland event
Image Source: Scopely

Winter Wonderland is the latest event to debut on the increasingly popular Monopoly GO! game for Android. Starting today, players can log in on their phones and the event will begin automatically. However, the one main requirement is that you do need to have reached at least the fifth board to participate. The event will last until Dec 10 at 9AM CST.

Upon starting the event, you’ll have a progress bar meter at the top of your screen, and your primary goal on the board is to land on squares labeled with the ‘Token’ Pickup item. Along with earning 2 Tokens, you’ll get transported to another randomized square. Ultimately, you want to land on as many Token Pickup squares as possible, so make effective use of your dice and any multipliers you have. The higher the multiplier the better.

All Winter Wonderland Rewards in Monopoly GO!

Below are all the unique, obtainable rewards for the game’s Winter Wonderland event. There are 48 milestones to reach, so make sure to earn as many Snowflake Tokens as you can before the event ends on Dec 10.

Milestone# of Snowflake TokensRewards Obtained
15 Tokens15 Dice
25 Tokens5 Peg-E Tokens
310 TokensOne-Star Sticker Pack
475 Tokens125 Dice
515 TokensCash
615 Tokens15-minute Rent Frenzy
720 Tokens8 Peg-E Tokens
825 TokensCash
9150 Tokens230 dice, Two-Star Sticker Pack (time-limited)
1030 Tokens15 Peg-E Tokens
1135 TokensOne-Star Sticker Pack
1240 TokensCash
1345 Tokens20 Peg-E Tokens
14350 Tokens500 Dice
1545 TokensTwo-Star Sticker Pack
1650 Tokens10-Minute Cash Grab Event
1760 Tokens30 Peg-E Tokens
1870 TokensCash
19550 TokensHoliday Santa Hat Token, 200 dice (time-limited)
2075 TokensThree-Star Sticker Pack
2170 Tokens40 Peg-E Tokens
2280 Tokens80 Dice
23100 TokensCash
241,000 Tokens1,000 Dice
25100 TokensFour-Star Sticker Pack
26110 Tokens15-minute High Roller event
27125 Tokens60 Peg-E Tokens
28130 TokensCash
291,400 Tokens1,200 Dice, Four-Star Sticker Pack (time-limited)
30140 TokensCash
31145 Tokens70 Peg-E Tokens
32150 TokensCash
33175 TokensFour-Star Sticker Pack
341,800 Tokens1,500 Dice
35250 Tokens85 Peg-E Tokens
36300 Tokens25-Minute Rent Frenzy
37450 TokensFive-Star Sticker Pack
38600 TokensCash
394,000 Tokens3,200 dice, Five-Star Sticker Pack (time-limited)
40700 Tokens100 Peg-E Tokens
41800 TokensCash
42900 Tokens700 Dice
433,000 TokensCash, 700 dice (time-limited)
441,000 Tokens130 Peg-E Tokens
451,100 TokensFive-Minute Cash Boost Event
461,200 TokensFive-Star Sticker Pack
471,300 TokensCash
486,500 Tokens6500 Dice, Five-Star Sticker Pack

That concludes our guide for all Monopoly GO! Winter Wonderland Rewards, listed. We hope you find this helpful, and let us know if you’re enjoying this particular event for Monopoly GO!

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