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How to Run in Roblox Doors

Here's how to run in Roblox Doors.

Out of nowhere, the eerie horror game Doors has exploded onto the Roblox scene and is taking the world by storm. Developed by LSPLASH, Doors pits you and up to three other buddies against a handful of demonic critters that want to see you pushing up the virtual daisies. In the game, you’ll be running through plenty of doors, hence the game’s title. If you’re here, you’re likely wondering how to run in Roblox Doors. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

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Roblox Doors – How to Run

Here's how to run in Roblox Doors.
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Fortunately, to run in Roblox Doors is really straightforward. You see, there is no dedicated run button in the game. Instead, all you need to do is push the left stick fully forward on Xbox or push the on-screen joystick of your mobile device fully forward and your avatar will begin running.

It’s worth noting that Doors uses a contextual walking and running system. If you press your joystick gently forward, your avatar will walk instead of run, for instance. But if you want to sprint, you’ll need to press the joystick fully forward and your avatar will begin to run.

Thing is, once you stop running, you’ll need to build up your momentum again in order to sprint, which takes a few seconds. Our tip? If you want to keep running, only stop when you need to.

What Do Vitamins Do In Roblox Doors? Answered

Want an extra bonus tip? Buy Vitamins in the Shop for 100 knobs at the beginning of a run, and when you consume said Vitamins, you’ll be able to run faster. In addition, you can also find Vitamins in drawers and containers during your playthrough.

Can You Run Past All the Monsters in Roblox Doors?

While most of the monsters you meet in Doors are avoidable by running away from them, some monsters must be dealt with in specific ways in order to defeat them. For example, when you hear a “psst” sound, you’ll need to stop and stare at Screech in order to dispatch it.

Meanwhile, Figure is a monster you’ll meet in rooms 50 and 100, and you won’t be able to just run past it. Instead, you’ll need to use the Shift key or the B button on Xbox to crouch and stealth your way past.

So, there you have it. We hope this helped to clue you in on how to run in Roblox Doors. For more Roblox-related content, feel free to peruse the relevant links down below.

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