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Anime Rarities Codes – Free Crystals & Potions (July 2024)

RNG gods, please, give me something, anything!

Updated: July 23, 2024

Found a new code!

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Need Anime Rarities codes? Well, then you’ve stumbled upon a literal gold mine because we’ve listed them all just below. There are plenty of them, so you better roll up your sleeves and start redeeming them ASAP.

All Working Anime Rarities Codes

  • Fixed2: Potions and Tickets (New)
  • Fixed1: Potions and Tickets
  • NoUpdate: Potions
  • 60KLIKES: Potions
  • Update23: Potions
  • 31KFAV: Crystals
  • 31K5FAV: Potions, and 10k Coins
  • 20M: Crystals, Potions, and 10k Coins
  • Update22: Crystals, Potions, and 10k Coins
  • 29K5FAV: Potions
  • 30KFAV: Crystals, Potions, and 10k Coins
  • 30K5FAV: Potions
  • 55KLIKES: Crystals, Potions, and 10k Coins
  • BOSSBUG: Crystals, Potions, and 10k Coins
  • Update21: Crystals, Potions, and 10k Coins
  • 28KFAV: Crystals, Potions, and 10k Coins
  • 28K5FAV: Potions
  • 29KFAV: Potions
  • 18M: Potions
  • 27K5FAV: 20k Crystals, Potions, and 10k Coins
  • 27KFAV: 50k Crystals, Potions, and 10k Coins
  • 26K5FAV: 50k Crystals, Potions, and 10k Coins
  • 50KLIKES: Crystals, Potions, and 10k Coins
  • Update20: 20k Crystals, Potions, and 10k Coins
  • UPDATE19P2: 200K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • 46KLIKES: 200K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • 26KFAV: 100K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • 15MVISITS: 100K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • UPDATE19: 200K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • 24K5FAV: 100K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • 25KFAV: 50K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • 25K5FAV: 100K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • JUSTACODE: Potions, Crystals
  • 43KLIKES: 200K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • SHUTDOWNCODE: 200K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • UPDATE18: 200K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • 23KFAV: Potions, Crystals
  • 23K5FAV: 100K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • 22K5FAV: 200K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • 24KFAV: 100K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • UPDATE17: 50K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • 22KFAV: Potions, Crystals
  • 40KLIKES: Potions, Crystals
  • 21K5FAV: 50K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • UPDATE16: 50K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • UPDATE15: 90K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • 20K5FAV: 120K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • 21KFAV: Potions, Crystals
  • 35KLIKES: 50K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • 20KFAV: 100K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • 19K5FAV: 100K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • DEVILFRUIT: Potions, Crystals
  • UPDATE14: 100K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • 10M: Potions
  • 19KFAV: Potions
  • UPDATE13P2: 500K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • SHUTDOWN6: Potions, Crystals
  • LATEUPDATE: Potions, Crystals
  • 32KLIKES: Potions, Crystals
  • 30KLIKES: Potions
  • 18K5FAV: 100K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • 18KFAV: 200K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • UPDATE13: 50K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • UPDATETOMORROW: 100K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • 17K5FAV: Potions, Crystals
  • 17KFAV: Potions, Crystals
  • UPDATE12P4: Potions
  • UPDATE12P3: 50K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • 16K5FAV: Potions
  • SHUTDOWN5: 50K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • UPDATE12P2: 30K Coins, Potions, Crystals
  • 16KFAV: 20K Coins, Potions, Crystals

Expired Anime Rarities Codes

  • Update12
  • 14KFAV
  • 14K5FAV
  • 15KFA
  • 13K5FAV
  • Update11P2
  • 13KFAV
  • Update11
  • 12K5FAV
  • 12KFAV
  • 20KLIKES
  • Update10
  • 11K5FAV
  • 11KFAV
  • 17K5LIKES
  • Update9P2
  • 10K5FAV
  • 10KFAV
  • Update9
  • Shutdown3
  • Update8
  • 9500FAV
  • 15KLIKES
  • 8000FAV
  • 8500FAV
  • 9000FAV
  • 12500LIKES
  • 7000FAV
  • 7500FAV
  • 10KLIKES
  • 6500FAV
  • 6000FAV
  • 8000LIKES
  • 5000FAV
  • 5500FAV
  • SOLO
  • 500KVISITS
  • 4000FAV
  • 6500LIKES
  • 700KVISITS
  • 5000LIKES
  • 4000LIKES
  • 2500FAV
  • 2000FAV
  • 3000LIKES
  • 1500FA
  • 350K
  • 250K
  • 1000FAV
  • 2000LIKES
  • 1500LIKES
  • 1000LIKES
  • 100K

How to Redeem Codes in Anime Rarities

  1. Open Anime Rarities on Roblox.
  2. Press the Codes button on the right side.
  3. Type in your code in the text box.
  4. Click on Claim! to get your freebies.

Why Are My Codes Not Working?

Codes in this experience rarely expire, so that’s probably not the reason. The more likely cause is a spelling mistake, especially if you are typing them out. If you want to avoid those kinds of errors, just copy and paste the codes from the list instead.

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How to Find Roblox Anime Rarities Codes

If you want to look for codes yourself, then the only place you really need to check out is the official Anime Rarities Discord server. There is even a designated codes channel there where you can see even the ones that aren’t listed on the Roblox page.

However, sometimes, they might be taken down from Discord even though they are still working. So, what you should do instead is bookmark this post. That way, you’ll have access to all the codes that ever existed for this experience and gain maximum value from them.

Other Ways to Get Free Rewards in Anime Rarities

If you’re looking to get more free stuff in Anime Rarities, check out the reward menus docked on the right side of your screen. These menus allow you to access daily and playtime rewards. You’ll earn them just by playing the game, and they will net you gold, potions, and even rare weapons.

That’s the rundown on Anime Rarities codes. Also, if you need freebies in some other Roblox experiences, we have plenty of lists just like this one in the codes section of our website, including ones for other RNG experiences like Aura RNG, RNG Legends, and Anime RNG.

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