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Type Soul Trello V2 Link (July 2024)

Browse through the Type Soul Trello!

The Type Soul Trello link is an incredibly handy resource if you’re just starting out in the Roblox game. With so many clans, races, and weapons to choose from, it’s fairly tough to see what’s what. As such, the Trello exists to explain all of the game’s key mechanics and help you get started. Here’s where to find it!

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Click here for the Type Soul Trello link.

This is a new link after the existing board was replaced on April 18, 2024, and was double-checked on July 23, 2024.

Unlike other Roblox Discord groups, you don’t need to verify your identity to join. However, we do recommend pressing the star icon. This adds the Trello board to your favorites list, provided you’ve got an active Trello account. That way, you can find it on your dashboard each time, without having to come back for this link.

The Type Soul Trello board.
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What Is on the Type Soul Trello?

Once you’re in, the Type Soul Trello board is an incredibly handy resource for all the things you need to know about the game. Arguably the most useful for newcomers is a detailed breakdown of all three factions in the game: Soul Reaper, Arrancar, and Quincy. Each one has its own column detailing the classes within, including their specific benefits, abilities, and stats.

Once you’ve determined which faction you want to go for, you’ll find all the accessories exclusive to each one in separate columns. This allows you to effectively plan your loadout prior to diving into the game, so you’re totally prepared.

On top of that, the Trello also outlines all of the other in-game mechanics outside of building your super-powered fighter. This is filtered by rarity, so the items and loot boxes that are hardest to procure appear at the top. This includes items like Hollow Boxes, letting you see how much they cost and the sort of rewards you can get in each one.

That’s everything you need to know about the Type Soul Trello! For more on the game, go ahead and redeem the latest codes and our clans tier list. We’ve also got a guide on how to get Shikai fast and how to get Letzt Stil.

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